The Importance of Stretching Before Your Day

To an athlete warming up and stretching prior to working out, training and the actual competitive event is part of their routine. Turns out that this is a practice that perhaps the rest of us should adopt as well. Getting up each morning in doing some stretches can be beneficial to our bodies. In fact, implementing what is now being called a pre shift warm up programs has so many benefits that some offices are implementing these programs as well for their employees before the workday begins. So, why is this so important, and how do we go about implementing these stretches to start our day, let’s explore this a bit further.

Helps to Unwind Body and Reduce Risk of Injury

For some doing stretches to help limber up prior to work can be essential. Those who do a whole lot of heavy lifting or strenuous activity on the job could run the risk of injury such as muscles strain. Learning to stretch beforehand will help to limber the body up. As for those who work behind a desk stretching can also be beneficial, as they can sometimes feel stiffness in their necks and shoulders. In this case, it is important to also get up periodically during the day to stretch the body because remaining seated for hours isn’t a good idea for our overall health either.

Improves Flexibility:

Increases Energy and Blood Circulation: Somehow just getting started in the day can help get the morning blahs out of a person, so doing some stretching exercises first thing can really help the energy level and causes are blood circulating for the day ahead. When our body sleeps it tends to stiffen up, just getting up each morning can be a challenge for some of us. Doing some stretches can reduce the stiffness and even help to relieve some of the pain we may find we endure during the day.

Improves Outlook: When people stretch first thing in the morning it helps improve their attitude for the day. When offices make it part of the daily routine it can also lead to better morale in the workplaces, as staff gets to know each other better.

Learning to Stretch and Do Warm-up Properly

So, how do we go about finding a proper pre-shift warm-up program to utilize on our own? Well, if you happen to be seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist at the moment, they could help you come up with the right program and how to go about doing it the right way. For those of us who aren’t, not to worry, there are several online videos that go into how to go about doing this sort of daily get up and go warm up the right way. Keep in mind though it is important to see these demonstrated to you before doing it to ensure that it’s done properly, stretching may seem like an easy thing to do but some stretches are a bit complex so do your homework first before starting this routine.